Special Guests at Anime Park 2020

Special Guests Agreement

Do you have an organization or group that you are trying to get off the ground?  Do you need the extra push to help get your name out there?  At Anime Park, we agree that it is always better to have more friends.  That's why we love to have special guests at our convention.  Whether you are a budding convention trying to get more faces through your doors, a charity raising money for a good cause, or a dance group just wanting to show your moves, we are open and happy to have all guests at our convention.  If you are interested in being a special guest at Anime Park 2018, please contact the email below to get started.

Guests for Anime Park 2020

Party Table:

Japan Center for Michigan Universities

Special Guest Contact: Long Nguyen

email: animeparkconstaff2@gmail.com

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