How this Con started...
This is going to be the eighth year we are holding this con. It actually started off as a conversation between a few teens on their way back from a convention. Soon it became reality, and now, here we are about to hold our eighth convention! Hopefully, you can come and have fun with us at this con. Please read below for more details.
 Where is this con? How Much is it?


Badge prices this year has been changed to 5$.  You may also buy raffle tickets to win a big prize or make a donation to help keep this con running for years to come. Thank you for your generous support!
This con is in Canton Michigan, at Canton High School. Please park by the main entrance at the Canton South building, not at Phase III. The address to the school is:
Canton High School
8415 N. Canton Center Rd.
Canton, MI 48187
Meet the Officers of Anime Park


President: Rileigh Eyers
Rileigh is a senior at Salem Highschool. She has been in the club ever since she was a freshman and loves to cosplay. You can follow her cosplay instagram at @Wildcrownofficial
Vice President: Ace Alcodray
Ace is a senior at Salem Highschool. They have been in the club since they were a freshman and is also president of Writer's Block, which is the PCEP Writing Club. You can follow Ace's instagram at @Kid.Blues
Secretary: Leo Jenkins
Leo is a senior at Plymouth Highschool. He has been in the club for three years and is also a fellow cosplayer. You can follow his instagram at @Davinci.cos
Treasurer: Talal Ali
Ali is a junior at Canton Highschool. He has been in the club since he was a freshman and is the resident Jojo and Persona fan.
Committee Chairs:
Cafe: Erika Pelowski and Janice Freshel
Security: Liam Hurley and Logan Guzik
New! Social Media 
Instagram: @AnimeParkOfficial
Twitter: @AnimeParkInfo             
Facebook: Anime Park                                                                                                                                                                                              





About Us

 Anime-Park © 2020 That one con with the free candy. Shiawasa! Site edited by Long Nguyen, Rileigh Eyers and Kayla Pearson, Artwork by Moni Webster

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